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Legal Anabolic Oral Steroids Anadrol 50 Oxymetholone Anabolic Hormone Drugs

Legal Anabolic Oral Steroids Anadrol 50 Oxymetholone Anabolic Hormone Drugs

    • Legal Anabolic Oral Steroids Anadrol 50 Oxymetholone Anabolic Hormone Drugs
    • Legal Anabolic Oral Steroids Anadrol 50 Oxymetholone Anabolic Hormone Drugs
  • Legal Anabolic Oral Steroids Anadrol 50 Oxymetholone Anabolic Hormone Drugs

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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Anadrol Alias: Oxymetholone
    Dosage: 50 Mg/ml Purity: 99%min
    Appearance: Pale Yellow Liquid Usage: Muscle Mass
    High Light:

    oral anabolic steroids


    anabolic steroids oral

    Legal Anabolic Oral Steroids Anadrol 50 Oxymetholone Anabolic Hormone Drugs


    Cook Recipe

    1 gram of Oxymetholone powder
    1 beaker suitable for holding the volume of liquids
    8.4 ml of PEG 300
    10.5 ml 190 Proof Grain Alcohol

    2) 50ml @ 50mg/ml
    2.5 grams Anadrol (2.5ml)
    2.5ml BA
    2.5ml BB
    5ml guaiacol
    37.5ml Oil


    Androl 50 / Oxymetholone Dosing information

    Anadrol is an orally active anabolic steroid, which means it has been C17 Alpha Alkylated in order to allow the anabolic steroid to make the first pass through the liver without suffering destruction through liver metabolism. Anadrol, however, is very well known for its very harsh hepatotoxicity, which will be explained in greater detail shortly. Anadrol’s chemical modifications and chemical structure (including its C17 Alpha Alkylation) makes it very resistant to hepatic breakdown (liver metabolism). The greater resistance a substance has to hepatic breakdown, the more toxicity and strain on the liver will be experienced – and Anadrol is notorious for its liver toxicity, and is perhaps regarded as the most liver toxic oral anabolic steroid conventionally available.


    Androl 50 / Oxymetholone Dosing

    Prescription guidelines for Anadrol varied a great deal throughout the 1950s – 1980s and was dependent on the medical condition treated, as well as constantly changing FDA guidelines. Medical Anadrol dosages ranged from 2.5mg taken three times per day all the way up to 30mg per day. Eventually in the 1970s, the FDA issued a guideline of 1 – 2mg per kg of bodyweight per day.

    Because Anadrol is most commonly manufactured in 50mg tablets, bodybuilding and athletic purposes call for 25 – 50mg per day for a beginner. Intermediate users are known for using a range of 50 – 100mg per day, and although approaching risky limits, advanced users as high as 150mg per day. Generally, however, most users whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced, should seldom require more than 50mg per day due to the sheer potency and strength of Anadrol Anadrol dosageas an anabolic steroid. This is especially the e when studies have demonstrated that a 100mg is indeed more effective than a 50mg Anadrol dosage, but beyond 100mg the results will be no more effective than 100mg itself, and diminishing returns begin to manifest.

    An additional point of interest about Anadrol dosages is that many users report a reduction in appetite directly proportional to the dose utilized, and studies have shown that it also increases glucose intolerance and insulin resistance, thus making nutrient use by the body less efficient.


    Anadrol Application:

    1. As an anabolic hormone drugs, it can promote protein synthesis and inhibiting protein dysplasia;

    2. lower blood cholesterol, reduce calcium phosphorus excretion and reduce bone marrow suppression;

    3. promoting development, promote tissue freshmen and granulation. Caused by long-term use of adrenal cortical hormone have prevention and protection against the adrenal cortex hypofunction.


    Anadrol 50 mg/ml Recipes:


    Common 50mg/mL Recipe for 100mL
    5 gram Anadrol powder (7.5mL)
    Add BA (2%), BB (20%) and Oil


    What are the side effects of Oxymetholone?

    Anadrol comes to you like a loaded gun, once you fire that first bullet (take that first pill) the side effects start and don't stop until you're done with the cycle. Instead of going over side effects one by one, I decided to give you a list:

    · Bloated face

    · Blood pressure (hypertension)

    · Headaches

    · Lower back pumps and cramps

    · Liver problems (liver enzyme issues)

    · Gynecomastia (Bitch tits)

    · Acne


    Your Attention Please:

    1- Packing: Discreet package/foil bag/as your demand.


    3- Lead time: within 24 hours after payment

    4- Deliver: About 3~7 working days(door to door)

    5- Custom clearance rate: Above 99%(guarantee safety shipping)

    6- After-sales service: goods tracking No. available in 2 days after delivery, keep noticed until received.

    7- Reship policy: If goods seized, we deal with asap and reship unconditional.

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    Legal Anabolic Oral Steroids Anadrol 50 Oxymetholone Anabolic Hormone Drugs

    Oxymetholone/Anadrol COA(USP 31)

    Product Name Anadrol
    Produce Date 2017/06/16 Report Date 2017/06/17
    Quantity 180kg Date Of Expiry 2020/06/015
    Ref. Standard USP 31 Standard
    Results Of Analysis Tests
    Test USP 31 Standard Results Of Analysis
    Description White Or Practically White Crystalline Powder White Crystalline Powder
    Identification Requirements Standard  
    Solubility Clearing  
    Melting Point 172~178 172~178
    Specific Rotation +34°~ +38° +35.1°
    Loss On Drying ≤1.0% 0.2%
    Organic Volatile Impurities ≤850PPM 800PPM
    Assay 97.0~103.0% 99.1%
    Conclusion The specification conform with USP 31


    Optimize Your Lab with Quality Steroid:

    Professional Laboratory with Advanced Equipments & Developed Technology

    Pre-finished Steroid Oil, Customized Concentration Available!

    1. We only use USP/BP standard steroid powders, oil and solvents to make steroid injections.

    2. We offer semi-finished steroid injections. We have OEM service for blend steroid.

    3. The semi-finishe oil is pre filtered one time in our lab.

    For liquid, you can choose to filter again and fill into vials then it is finished liquid

    For powder, we can supply best quality on market, All ingredients complies with USP/BP/EP standard.

    Filtering smoother, Vial, stopper, cap, filter, filter membrane, crimper and labels can be provided here.

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