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CAS 34562-97-5 Nootropic Supplement Powder Pikamilon Picamilon Raw Powder

CAS 34562-97-5 Nootropic Supplement Powder Pikamilon Picamilon Raw Powder

CAS 34562-97-5 Nootropic Supplement Powder Pikamilon Picamilon Raw Powder

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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Pikamilon / Picamilon Appearance: White Powder
Cas: 34562-97-5 Purity: 99%min
Feature: Nootropic Drugs MF: C10H12N2O3
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nootropic supplement powder

CAS 34562-97-5 Nootropic Supplement Powder Pikamilon Picamilon Raw Powder


Appearance:White crystalline powder


Picamilon is a dietary supplement and nootropic drug. It is a combination of Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, and the neurotransmitter GABA. This supplement is taken orally, typically in powder or tablet form, and is able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Picamilon may help individuals with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders or other mood disorders. Picamilon is used by individuals who who want to increase focus and mental energy without higher levels of anxiety.

Many people use Picamilon to help them overcome stress and shyness in social settings. It is reported by some to help stop you from dreading these kinds of interactions by lowering inhibitions.

Picamilon Benefits:
The primary Nootropic benefits of Picamilon center on mood boosting and overall brain function improvements. This includes helping to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

In fact, many users feel that Picamilon is so good at reducing these feelings that they use Picamilon on a regular basis to help relax. An improved positive outlook and attitude will also often follow. Once a person is relaxed, they will usually find themselves having improved sleep which is also more restful and deeper.

As a brain booster, Picamilon benefits also include better mental energy and improved clarity and focus. It is easier to think and make decisions as well when using Picamilon supplements.

There are also a number of additional health benefits associated with daily dosages of Picamilon nootropic. For starters, Picamilon helps to reduce and regulate blood pressure in the body. There is also a lot of evidence demonstrating that it can alleviate migraines and poor cerebral blood flow and circulation.

This supplement has further been shown to treat the symptoms of acute alcohol intoxication and the effects upon the brain. There is even the possibility that Picamilon may act as an anti-oxidant and rid the brain of toxins and other harmful substances.


How Picamilon Works:
It is helpful to think of Picamilon as a mixture of two different chemicals – GABA and Niacin.

Once it is absorbed into the bloodstream both compounds cross over the blood-brain barrier together. This is courtesy of the Niacin pathways since GABA is not capable of this action by itself.

As the GABA enters into the central nervous system it targets receptor sites and performs its job as the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter within the human body. GABA is known to prevent over-stimulation and excitotoxicity of your brain cells which can occur when your neurons are firing faster than they should be.

We experience this over-activity as anxiety and the feeling like you cannot stop thinking about certain memories or future possibilities. Picamilon essentially curbs these excessive thought processes, resulting in a sensation of peace and calm.

Many people are tempted to think of the Niacin found in Picamilon powder simply as a GABA transport method. They would be incorrect; the Niacin from Picamilon is itself active and has a positive nootropic effect on mental performance. This substance is primarily responsible for opening up (or dilating) blood vessels within the brain.

As these passageways open, this leads to the improvement in cerebral blood flow, oxygen supply and glucose metabolism. The result is better cellular energy and improved resource supply to maintain the health of your neurons.

It also helps to keep skin healthy and may even play a role in improving vision in those suffering from glaucoma.


Stacking & Cycling Picamilon:

Many users have found that stacking and cycling their Picamilon dosages can be very effective. It is certainly very safe and it may even help to increase the effects of other Nootropic supplements like the Racetams including Aniracetam and Piracetam. Even herbs like Valerian Root and Kava can be helpful when used in combination.

There are a number of other Nootropics that have similar effects to Picamilon, but might lead to tolerance if used on a daily basis. This means that it might be helpful to include Picamilon as part of a cycle with something like, say, Phenibut.

Start with the safer option (Picamilon) and use on a 3 or 4 day on and 2 day off cycle. For the days off of Picamilon, substitute with the Phenibut.


Picamilon Side Effects

Picamilon is generally very well-tolerated and very safe with no reports of serious side effects ever published. It can even be used on a regular basis and is less likely to cause tolerance or withdrawal in comparison to Phenibut.

Any Picamilon side effects that one is likely to encounter will be very mild. These may include headaches, nervousness, fatigue, and intestinal issues. Most of these are the result of simply taking too much, so reducing the dosage is normally enough to solve these issues.


Pikamilone COA

Product name Pikamilone
CAS No. 34562-97-5 Outer Packing 25kg
Production date 20160306 Shelf life 20190305
Standard adopted Enterprise standard
Items of analysis Specification Results
Appearance White crystalline powder,hygroscopic PASS
Identification IR spectrum conforms to RS PASS
Identification UV:Absorption maximum at 262nm±2nm PASS
Transparency of solution Testing solution has to keep comparison With the standard solution 1 PASS
Color of solution Testing solution has to keep comparison With the standard solution 7b at intensive PASS
pH 7.3~8.5 8
Loss on drying ≤3.0% 1.00%
Nicotinic Acid ≤0.4% <0.4%
r-Amino butyric Acid ≤0.1% <0.1%
Residual Solvents Ethanol ≤5000ppm PASS
Assay 98.0-101.0%(on dry substance) 99.30%
Conclusion Qualified



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