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77472 70 9 Raw Sarms Steroids Nootropics Carphedon / 4 Phenylpiracetam

77472 70 9 Raw Sarms Steroids Nootropics Carphedon / 4 Phenylpiracetam

    • 77472 70 9 Raw Sarms Steroids Nootropics Carphedon / 4 Phenylpiracetam
    • 77472 70 9 Raw Sarms Steroids Nootropics Carphedon / 4 Phenylpiracetam
  • 77472 70 9 Raw Sarms Steroids Nootropics Carphedon / 4 Phenylpiracetam

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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Carphedon Alias: 4-Phenylpiracetam
    Cas: 77472-70-9 Molecular Formula: 218.25
    Molecular Weight: White Powder Usage: Brain Improvement
    High Light:

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    selective androgen receptor modulators

    77472 70 9 Raw Sarms Steroids Nootropics Carphedon / 4 Phenylpiracetam



    Quick Detail


    Product name Carphedon Factory Supplying
    Other name 4-Phenyl-2-pyrrolidone-1-acetamide
    register number 77472-70-9
    Molecular Formula C12H14N2O2
    Molecular Weight 218.25
    Molecular Structure 77472-70-9 Human Growth Hormone Bodybuilding Prohormones Carphedon
    Assay 98%


    77472 70 9 Raw Sarms Steroids Nootropics Carphedon / 4 Phenylpiracetam

    What Is Phenylpiracetam?

    A great way to think of Phenylpiracetam is that it is a modified version of Piracetam, the original Nootropic. The only major difference, structurally speaking, is the addition of a Phenyl group molecule attached. This is amazingly responsible for creating a supplement which is up to 60 times more powerful than the original Piracetam. This also affords Phenylpiracetam some unique central nervous system stimulant and Nootropic-like effects.


    The additional Phenyl group also allows the supplement to pass through the blood-brain barrier easier and more efficiently which means you can take a much smaller dosage to get the same benefits as other nootropics. As a result, Phenylpiracetam becomes active faster and is able to remain in the system longer. In fact, research indicates that Phenylpiracetam is able to remain active in the brain and body with a half-life of up to 5 hours. It also leads to stimulant effects which are ‘clean’ and better resemble what you might experience when taking something like Adderall. However, Phenylpiracetam side effects are much safer than those you might encounter when taking an amphetamine-based smart drug like Adderall.


    Benefits Of Phenylpiracetam:

    Since Phenylpiracetam powder so closely resembles Piracetam, it does have many of the same effects. This is particularly true in relation to many of the cognitive effects and benefits. Phenylpiracetam benefits include an increase in memory, possibly even speeding up recall. Users will also experience an increase in their learning capacity, focus, concentration, and also mental energy. This could be a great supplement to help remove ‘brain fog.’


    The supplement has also been studied in relation to its effect on mood and movement. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that Phenylpiracetam actually modulates a number of different neurotransmitters and receptors sites. These include Acetylcholine, GABA, NDMA, and even Dopamine. The Dopamine is thought to be critical in relation to both mood and movement. This can explain why using Phenylpiracetam is able to reduce motion sickness. It has also been shown to reduce anxiety and fear response in animal tests, along with increasing locomotor activity.


    There are a number of additional potential benefits as well such as increasing attention-switching and problem solving skills in patients suffering from asthenia. Phenylpiracetam is also able to reduce the effects of sleep deprivation for many users. Another interesting benefit of Phenylpiracetam is that it helps to increase tolerance to cold.


    Suggested Use Of Phenylpiracetam:

    One of the best uses of this supplement is for students and productivity-obsessed businessmen and women. This could be used for helping someone to remain awake and alert while studying (really helpful for those late night or even all-night cram sessions). Use it before a test to boost your focus and mental energy, or just as a general cognitive enhancer to improve your memory, recall speed, and learning capacity. Many students also see an increase in their motivation and an improved mood when taking even small Phenylpiracetam dosages. Finally, you might even notice that the effects of stress and anxiety (which you might ordinarily have when an exam gets closer and closer) are significantly reduced.



    77472 70 9 Raw Sarms Steroids Nootropics Carphedon / 4 Phenylpiracetam


    Nootropic Powder


    Product Name CAS No.
    Smart Drugs
    alpha-GPC CAS 28319-77-9
    Aniracetam CAS 72432-10-1
    CDP-Choline CAS 987-78-0
    Centrophenoxine CAS 3685-84-5
    Choline CAS 123-41-1
    Choline Bitartrate CAS 87-67-2
    Choline Chloride CAS 67-48-1
    Citicoline Sodium CAS 33818-15-4
    Coluracetam(MKC 231) CAS 135463-81-9
    DMAE CAS 5988-51-2
    Donepezil CAS 120014-06-4
    Fasoracetam CAS 110958-19-5
    Fladrafinil CAS 90212-80-9
    GABA CAS 56-12-2
    Galantamine CAS 357-70-0
    Hordenine HCl CAS 6027-23-2
    Huperzine A CAS 120786-18-7
    Hydrafinil CAS 1689-64-1
    Idebenone CAS 58186-27-9
    IDRA 21 CAS 22503-72-6
    Magnesium L-Threonate CAS 778571-57-6
    Memantine HCL CAS 41100-52-1
    Mexidol CAS 127464-43-1
    Noopept CAS 157115-85-0
    Oxiracetam CAS 62613-82-5
    Phenylpiracetam CAS 77472-70-9
    Phosphatidylserine CAS 51446-62-9
    Picamilon CAS 34562-97-5
    Picamilon Sodium CAS 62936-56-5
    Piracetam CAS 7491-74-9
    Pramiracetam CAS 68497-62-1
    PRL-8-53 CAS 51352-87-5
    Rivastigmine Tartrate CAS 129101-54-8
    Semax CAS 80714-61-0
    Spongouridine CAS 3083-77-0
    Sulbutiamine CAS 3286-46-2
    Sunifiram CAS 314728-85-3
    Uridine CAS 58-96-8
    Vincamine CAS 1617-90-9
    Vinpocetine CAS 42971-09-5
    Sleep Aid
    Melatonine CAS 73-31-4
    Phenibut CAS 1078-21-3
    Suvorexant(MK-4305) CAS 1030377-33-3
    Tasimelteon CAS 609799-22-6
    5-HTP CAS 56-69-9
    Agomelatine CAS 138112-76-2
    Escitalopram Oxalate CAS 219861-08-2
    NSI-189 CAS 1270138-40-3
    NSI-189 Phosphate CAS 1270138-41-4
    Sertraline HCL CAS 79559-97-0
    Tianeptine CAS 66981-73-5
    Tianeptine Sodium CAS 30123-17-2
    Tianeptine Sulfate CAS 1224690-84-9
    Trazodone HCL CAS 25332-39-2
    Agmatine Sulfate CAS 2482-00-0
    Beta-NMN CAS 1094-61-7
    Chondroitin Sulfate CAS 9007-28-7
    CLA CAS 121250-47-3
    Coenzyme Q10 CAS 303-98-0
    Curcumin CAS 458-37-7
    Glucosamine CAS 3416-24-8
    Glutathione CAS 70-18-8
    L-DOPA CAS 59-92-7
    Piperine CAS 94-62-2
    PQQ CAS 72909-34-3
    Quercetin CAS 117-39-5

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